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Hi ._.

Today (actually yesterday) one really talented band disbanded


I'm so sad because they're soo~ awesome! Can't describe the feeling now. I hope that they'll one day build SKULL,again.

Well, I also went to a convention (as gothic lolita) with a good friend :3 It was kinda boring, so we went to OCS~ There we bought magazines, actually I wanted to buy Arena37c because of Glay&ViVid, but my friend told me that I should buy Cure (with an extra CD!) ..so yeahh :D and now I'm sooo happy that I've bought it! I love it, couldn't stop looking at it and listening to the CD, there're really some awesome bands~ and..- I'VE DECIDED to create a J-ROCK~homepage! I want to support bands, who aren't actually known, even if they're making awesome music ~! Tomorrow I've got to learn for the Maths exam on Monday (´д`lll) ~ and I'll vote tomorrow ~I'm really excited (^▽^) ! ~Good Night~

27.3.11 01:43

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