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15.4.11 22:11

Mesdames, Messieurs, bonjour.

Mood: ねむい (#´Д` )=з Music: Clavius - 04 春の陽と君とサヨナラ


 Good evening I finished watching Gankutsuou! (I'm such a crybaby! I cried more than three times by watching it (●´ω`● ゞ) It's really, really awesome, it became one of my favourite animes! I soo love it, aah can't describe it ..and it's the first time that I think that an Anime guy with beard looks harrharr(hot!) and cool and aah ..love his character! (Monte Cristo Hakushaku/モンテ クリスト 伯爵) I really recommend it to everybody, it's really exciting and you don't get bored because you always think, after watching an episode: what's going to happen ..? And I decided to learn French (haha, totally got influenced by Gankutsuou? Noo!(。・ω・ )ノ゙ I think it's a really nice language (it sounds so nice!), especially when men speak muhahaha ☆`w´ ) - since I've chosen Latin as my second 'foreign language'. ~Well I just made random screenshots ..it isn't a nutshell or something like that, just some pictures mixed up. I forgot to make screenshots of Bertuccio and Baptistin (they're actually really funny xD) As always: Sorry for my bad English. Well, this blog really needs to update ~ but I'm too lazy ( ̄∇ ̄ )~
Tomorrow I'll visit my aunt and watch Evangelion ~
Soo, good night (^▽^)


9.4.11 00:23

こんにちは みんな~!

I'm really tired ( ´Д` )=з ,
but ...yesterday I watched some episodes of Evangelion , since it's my friend's favourite anime (actually I had to watch it someday!)
Well..and I began to watch Slayers, again! I watched it ..maybe 6-7 years ago..I so love it ! Go Lina Inverse haha !

Yesterday I was with two dearest friends @an convention ..there were some weird kids ..e.g:
somebody who wanted to look like L, but actually failed
(he even didn't wear a wig ~!) he walked to everyone and looked at them closely.. weird (° Д °;≡° Д °; )!
And some Alucard~dude kissed some girl D: ..alucaarrddd..!
Haha, you see, I'm weird, too. ヽ(;´ω` )ノ

There were also things to buy, but those figures were just like..
ehm fake?!
Anyway~ I bought Black Butler & FF sticker and Sora's necklace!  (o*゜∇゜ )o~♪


3.4.11 15:17


Hi ._.

Today (actually yesterday) one really talented band disbanded


I'm so sad because they're soo~ awesome! Can't describe the feeling now. I hope that they'll one day build SKULL,again.

Well, I also went to a convention (as gothic lolita) with a good friend :3 It was kinda boring, so we went to OCS~ There we bought magazines, actually I wanted to buy Arena37c because of Glay&ViVid, but my friend told me that I should buy Cure (with an extra CD!) ..so yeahh :D and now I'm sooo happy that I've bought it! I love it, couldn't stop looking at it and listening to the CD, there're really some awesome bands~ and..- I'VE DECIDED to create a J-ROCK~homepage! I want to support bands, who aren't actually known, even if they're making awesome music ~! Tomorrow I've got to learn for the Maths exam on Monday (´д`lll) ~ and I'll vote tomorrow ~I'm really excited (^▽^) ! ~Good Night~

27.3.11 01:43


Oi~! ≧(´▽` )≦


テストが ある から、今 私は ラテン語の単語を おぼえなければなりません (´д`lll)

今日 ギターレッスンへ 行った 楽しかった ですよ☆ 。

Claymoreを見ないから、少しさびしいです (;△; )

明日は物理がある、少しつまらないレッスンですよ(いつもねむくなります ヽ(;´ω` )ノ )

じゃあね ((((((ノ゚w゚ )ノ

Today I got my new amp (30-Watt Guitar Amplifier)

8.3.11 21:52

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